Signorina Fabialosa


Signorina Fabialosa 

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Occupation: Burlesque Dancer

Location: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom 

The Sex in my Business: As a burlesque dancer, I allude to sex in my performances, most notably through body movement and attire. When I am not performing, I also teach other women how to strip in a sexual and seductive manner for their partners.

A Typical Day: I spend most days developing, rehearsing and performing dance choreography to sexy music. When I am not working on my own acts, I am teaching others. My classes can sometimes hold as many as twenty students, and are usually overwhelmingly comprised of women, although I also teach men who are interested in burlesque, many of whom love to cross-dress. 

The Best Part: My favorite part of this work is that it allows me to empower others by giving them confidence in their sexuality through body movement. It is very powerful to feel sexy and in control of your own body, particularly while knowing that all eyes are on you. I believe we are all free to express ourselves, and burlesque is perfect for this.

The Worst Part: Not doing it enough!

How I Got Here: I was on a TV show called Britain's Got Talent (2007- ) back in 2009. On it, I stripped for Mr. Simon Cowell and danced a contemporary Flashdance routine for the semi-finals. I didn't make it to the finals unfortunately, but as a result of my performance the CEO of Burlesque Baby London took me under her wing. With her guidance, I attended burlesque school, trained as a teacher, and competed in multiple burlesque competitions throughout London. Today, I am lucky enough to work on music video sets for British music artists too.  

What Society Thinks: My friends and family are very supportive, and I generally try to connect with other people who are already in burlesque, who are actors or who are in the entertainment industry. A few years ago, I was awarded Most Empowering Person at a plus-size awards event in London, which says to me that at least some of society thinks I am doing something right. However, in the past, I have also struggled with confidence, anxiety and stage freight, but was luckily able to get myself out of it with the help of a good therapist.

When I am not at Work: I love being a mum and caregiver to my son who has autism—he is my world. I also love writing, and currently have three published books. At the moment, I am also studying acting in London, and I'm due to graduate in August 2019. I am very excited for what my future holds in film and TV.

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