Miss Ana Algos


Miss Ana Algos

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Occupation: Pro-Switch at Sanctuary Studios LAX

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

The Sex in My Business: As a Pro-Switch, much of my work is centered on others’ BDSM fantasies; however, I do not offer penetrative services. Clients can penetrate themselves and cause themselves to cum, but workers at Sanctuary are not the ones bringing the clients to orgasm.

A Typical Day: The morning shift starts at 11am. That means all ladies have to be ready at 11. When clients come in, they request to see a Dom, a Switch, a Submissive, or everyone. The client goes to an interview room, we go in one by one and say hi and our name, and walk out. Then the client picks the person with whom they would like to have a session. If the client chooses me, we talk for a bit in the interview room and negotiate what kind of session they are looking for and we go over both the House and my personal rules. Once everything has been agreed upon, the client goes up to the front desk, pays, and picks out whatever toys they would like from the toy room, before entering a room where we play. After our session has ended, I walk the client to the door, return to the room where we played and clean both it and any toys we may have used. The client may or may not tip. 

The Best Part: I love that I get to be my kinky self! I feel like a kinky therapist—I teach people they are not weird, that their sexual orientation, kinks and interests are normal, that they do not make them ugly, undesirable, or any less respected, and I help them gain confidence in their looks, sexual desires, fetishes and kinks. I also enjoy teaching people how to do kinky acts safely and how to have a good time. I love expanding my skills too, because I want to make sure the people I play with, at work and in my personal life, are having a fun, safe, enjoyable and unique experience.  

The Worst Part: My least favorite part of this job is the people I meet who are not open-minded. A lot of people get confused and think that the ladies here at Sanctuary Studios LAX offer the full range of sexual services (especially penetrative sex), because they mistakenly assume that BDSM is all about aggressive sex and sometimes there is nothing I can say or do to persuade them otherwise. I have gotten clients that ask for “happy endings” or slaves and submissives messaging me asking for sex during sessions. I try my best to teach people that penetrative sex does not always have to happen during a BDSM scene (in my case, while at work, as a rule, it doesn’t) and that BDSM is about way more than sex. There are the emotional, mental, and spiritual parts, not just physical.

How I Got Here: I practice BDSM outside of my job and have been a switch for years. A lot of my close friends are in the kink community as well, so it kind of just fell into place that I started working at Sanctuary. It was the first dungeon I ever visited. I interviewed with Mistress Cyan and the rest is history. I love my job and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! 

What Society Thinks: My primary romantic partner and I met at a dungeon, so he is fine with my work (haha)! My family doesn’t fully understand what I do—most of them just think I am a stripper. Generally, I don’t encounter too much prejudice surrounding my work, but I also don’t wear provocative clothing on the streets or at non-kink events, so most people are unaware of what I do for work or in my personal life. It definitely sucks when people are stubborn and think negatively about kinksters, which is perhaps why I don’t go around advertising what I do. However, we kinksters are a strong community and support each other. We also protect one another, which are all qualities I really love. I certainly don’t try to convince anyone to join the kink community who is not open to it, but I do try to help people be as open-minded as possible, and I encourage them to be safe, and to understand that everyone is unique, beautiful, and talented in their own way. If you are going to experiment with BDSM, please remember to negotiate before a scene, know what kind of aftercare a person likes, do follow-up after a scene, and know that consent is sexy! A person has the right to turn you down if they feel uncomfortable.   

When I’m not at Work: When I am not working, I am usually planning my next charity play party. I host a strip club style performance charity play party at Sanctuary Studios LAX every three months called ChamPAIN Room. I gather people to perform on our stage and the money thrown at the performers is donated to charity. We have raised money for St. Jude’s, ASPCA, Lupus Foundation, Together We Rise, Trevor Project, LA LGBT, NCSF, and CPS. Each party I organize has a theme—the one we held in June was centered around fairytales. We will be hosting our next charity plat party on Saturday, August 31st, 2019, and the theme for this event will be Black and Gold.


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