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Elena y Fernando

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Occupation: Filmmaker (Elena) and Screenwriter (Fernando) 

Location: Quito, Ecuador

The Sex in Our Business: We are mainly dedicated to sexuality and sex education through the development of audiovisual products. We create online shows and reports called "Elena y el Sexo" (Elena and sex) where we consult sex-related professionals including sexologists, psychologists, sex workers, BDSM experts, etc. on issues related to sexuality and eroticism. We also produce ethical porn, which is the first time this has been done in South America.

A Typical Day: We spend a lot of our time investigating which topics to talk about and whom to consult. We then make a production schedule and shoot the videos in a small study in our office. Additionally, we shoot porn every fifteen days based on various scripts ranging in styles from vintage to modern, from tutorial to art, and from romance to kink. We also spend a lot of time on social media answering questions about sexuality or relationships from our followers. To make sure we always give them the best answers, we study each case individually, and are careful to always engage the most appropriate professionals for each problem.

The Best Part: The ability to combine audiovisual media and sexuality in our work is what we like the most. Additionally, especially in Latin America, where machismo is such a prominent part of society, the need for people to understand and develop a healthy sexuality through quality sex education motivates us to do our work every day.

The Worst Part: It is difficult when people do not understand that sexuality is a normal part of life. Sometimes, we receive negative messages and threats, and even some of our family members do not want to talk to us about the work we do. It makes us sad but it also gives us strength and motivation to keep going.

How We Got Here: We have been a couple for ten years, four of which we lived apart in different countries. To maintain our long-distance relationship, we had to investigate many different options, and in that process, we discovered things like polyamory, swinging, etc., which previously, we knew nothing about. Over time, we learned more about these and many other things, and eventually found feminism. This discovery made us realize that sexual education should be fundamental in Latin American society, and inspired us to start working together toward this goal.

 What Society Thinks: In much of Latin America, religion is a core part of society, which has made the issue of sex very taboo. For example, in our family, there is a lot of reluctance to discuss sexuality, so we almost never talk about our work during family gatherings. Several people we thought were our friends have also disappeared from our lives as a result of these issues. Sometimes we receive negative or inappropriate messages on social media about our work, especially from men who don’t understand our work and try to solicit sex from Elena. Every time this happens it motivates us further, because we see the need to build a new society in which sex is no longer taboo and people feel both free and empowered to enjoy their sexuality. Sometimes, the negative stuff makes us we wonder if it's worth it to continue swimming against the current, but the answer is always yes. We also receive many positive messages on our social media from teenagers wanting to know more about sexuality and adult couples who do not want their relationships to be affected by ignorance on the topic, which lets us know that what we are doing is making a difference.

When We are Not at Work: We like to travel as much as we can when we are not at work. We love meeting new people, learning about other cultures, sharing knowledge and enjoying good food, and traveling is the best way to combine all of these things into a single, great experience!


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