Ciren Verde


Ciren Verde

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Occupation: Independent Cam Model

Location: New Mexico, United States

The Sex in My Business: As a cam model, much of the work I do is related to sex. Whether I am having a private chat while naked on my couch, enjoying a fun time with my sex toys, or videoing myself with a lover to post later on one of my platforms, my job is grounded in the idea of sex. Every day I show the world a side of myself that is typically only shared behind closed doors. 

A Typical Day: Most days, I wake up and get to work before I even make my morning coffee. While sitting outside, I start to schedule posts, get in touch with all the retweet groups on Twitter, and sort through my mountains of emails and social media messages. When I get requests for private calls, I schedule them, make sure I have whatever outfit or toys I need, and then jump on the call at the appropriate time. Between calls, I work on other tasks, such as editing my videos and pictures, researching certain fetishes, and interacting with the web designers who are currently building my custom site. Throughout the day, I am also constantly interacting with regulars through text. Occasionally, I stay up late for clients who are overseas, and when that is the case, Netflix is my friend before bed.

The Best Part: I love it when I have finished a call with someone and get a message from them later about how much they enjoyed it. Knowing that they were able to express things in our session that might be considered taboo in their own life is a wonderful feeling. It gives me so much joy to create a pleasurable and safe space where people can freely explore and express their sexuality.

The Worst Part: The frequent requests for a “demo call” drive me crazy—I don’t go into a spa asking to try out a massage before I pay! It takes time, effort and planning to get me in front of the camera for a call, and I wish everyone recognized that without me having to say it. My time is valuable. I am never just waiting around hoping I get a client between sessions.

How I Got Here: I have always been a sexually adventurous individual. Previously, I tried to live a “normal” life and work a “regular” job (whatever that means!), but quickly realized that neither were for me. Eventually, this led me to the adult industry, which felt far more natural. First, I worked as a stripper for a year and half back in 2013 before getting into independent camming, which is what I do today.

What Society Thinks: I have an incredibly supportive husband who sees the beauty in my work and the fulfillment I find in it. So far, it has been pleasantly surprising to watch the support for my work on social media grow in such a short amount of time. Unfortunately, current censorship practices on many platforms (as well as discrimination within the banking industry) have negatively affected many in the adult industry. Additionally, there are those individuals that have unpleasant things to say, but they don’t bother me as much anymore. I do my best to not feed into their negative comments, even though this can be hard to overcome on days I may not be feeling my best. However, behind everything I do, I try to show that the shame society has imposed on us surrounding our sexuality is damaging. The freedom I have gained from accepting myself, my sexual preferences and my behaviors has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Of course, this is not to say that everyone has to broadcast their sexual adventures out there on the Internet to be happy and free, but that they should be able to look at their own desires without judgment and know they are not alone. 

When I’m not at Work: I love to juice, workout, practice yoga and relax in my backyard by the fountain. Being 100% independent in my work makes this possible, because I make my schedule and prioritize home/work/family/play life in a way that gives me fulfillment and joy. Self-care is a huge part of my life. If I don’t have time to get a massage at least once a month, then I reevaluate to deduce what is out of whack in my life. I truly feel as though my glass must be full or at least half full if I am going to be giving anything to the rest of the world.


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