As part of our mission to normalize sex and sexuality, this series features a collection of people whose jobs are in some way tied to sex—whether that be in the form of more traditional sex work (i.e. full-service workers, sugar babies, dominatrices, strippers, porn performers, etc.) or as part of the broad range of other sex-related jobs performed by writers, physicians, scholars, manufacturers, programmers, event planners, models and more. Together, these occupations coalesce to form what we here at QM refer to as “The Business of Sex.” The purpose of this series is to illuminate just how many different jobs there are that are in some way involved in this business, and to show that the group of people who do these jobs are a diverse (and interesting!) bunch of regular human beings. In doing so, we hope to challenge the social stigma currently surrounding sex and certain sex-related professions by showing that there are countless ways people’s livelihoods are entwined with the notion of sex.