Our Philosophy

At Queer Majority (QM), we intentionally engage the term “queer” in a unique way: to broadly describe all forms of sexual, gender, relationship and intimacy non-conformity, with the implicit presumption that most individuals have some element of their approach to these things that falls outside the boundaries of what is currently seen as “normal” in mainstream society. Our goal is thus not only to persuade the public to adjust these definitions and embrace a new and more accurate narrative of sexuality and romance, but also to celebrate this inherent diversity.

Queer Majority can therefore be read two ways: firstly, by referencing the more traditional definition of queerness, as reflecting the often overlooked fact that bi people make up the majority of the LGBTI community, and secondly, using our broader and more inclusive definition, as reflecting the fact that queerness in its broadest sense is the majority human experience. Ultimately, whether you belong to the LGBTI community, practice a form of ethnical non-monogamy, dabble in the BDSM world, work in or around the sex industry, enjoy a fetish, are gender non- conforming, have an alternative family unit, or simply feel constrained by norms surrounding physical or emotional intimacy, there is a place for you here. No matter who you are or where you live, we welcome and embrace you as a member of the queer majority, because we are all different, just like you.

Queer Majority was created with support from the Bi Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to creating a world where bi people of all stripes are understood, accepted, and able to thrive.